Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Packing and unpacking

Moving makes me feel alone. Tim had a way of showing up then. Over my academic career I've had to make a lot of these tiresome moves, abandoning someplace that left me feeling abandoned as a result. Then Tim might turn up out of the blue, reminding me I wasn't really alone at all. The first time was a move in Chicago that I really didn't want to make. More than the help I was just grateful for his company. Years later I noticed some unfamiliar handwriting on a box. It was one he'd packed for me that had somehow tagged along. The tide of academic moves turned this year when I accepted my first good tenure-track job in Hartford. Of course Tim happened to be working over the summer in CT. He came out to the quiet, woodsy place I'd moved into to help again. He was the first person to hear my stereo make a sound in over two years. I can't remember the first song I played but he thought it sounded amazing. Once I heard him say that, I did too.


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